Confessions of a Former Political Junkie

Confessions of a Former Political Junkie

Politics, Goats, Computers…and Justice for All

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About Me

My name is Toby and I live in Minneapolis, MN, USA. This is my blog.

I play guitar and sing in local indie-rock supergroup, Cryns #3. Our band consists of two up-and-coming stars of corporate America and me.

Some jobs I have held:

  • Campaign Field Director for the Illinois Democratic Party
  • Constituent Service for the State of Illinois
  • WordPress Website Designer
  • Student Life Manager at the University of Minnesota
  • Sports Correspondent for the Northwest Herald
  • Name Badge Washer for the University of Minnesota (seriously.)
  • Desk Assistant for Peter Jennings’ ABC Network News in Los Angeles
  • Data Entry Specialist for all sorts of bullshit temp jobs in Los Angeles
  • Little League Baseball Umpire
  • Basketball Referee
  • Little Debbie Delivery Guy

I USED to be a political junkie, but working in politics for a year-and-a-half pretty much soured me to anything politics-related. BUT this year I got involved once again and am serving as a delegate to my senate district Democratic Convention as well as to the Minneapolis Democratic Convention later this year. So, score one for politics, I guess.

What do you think?

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