Why I didn’t vote for any Republicans in the Midterms this year

For the first time in my life, I was begging for a Republican with integrity to step forward and run and go moderate and try to secure my vote – they certainly would have. But nobody stepped forward.

I didn’t vote for anyone for a number of high-level positions, including US Congress, MN Attorney General, and MN State Auditor. The Democrats did not put up any moderates, either. And in most cases, the only 3rd party alternatives were marijuana advocates. In fact, I only voted for 3 positions out of about 30, and I only felt strongly about one of them – MN Secretary of State – because democracy matters (more on that below).

So I’m one of those disaffected undervoters that I used to not at all understand – let’s call us “George Carlin voters”. I’m desperate for a moderate to come in and say:

  • Joe Biden won fair and square. (e.g. democracy matters)
  • Fighting crime through traditional means is very important. (e.g. support our police)
  • Homeless tent cities need to be removed. (e.g. laws matter + we need state and federal investments in homeless infrastructure)
  • Social programs matter. (e.g. liberal spending policies can be a force for good)
  • Fringe issues should remain on the fringes (e.g. gender stuff, elementary school parent scare tactics, anti-vax stuff, etc.)

But the reality is that I would have voted Republican as a protest vote if a single one would have stood up tall and yelled, “Joe Biden won the election!”

That’s really it. Democracy matters.

p.s. fwiw, Scott Jensen was magnanimous and frank in defeat – I only wish he would have shown that side of himself prior to voting day. Still, he refused to say Joe Biden won fair and square…so I still wouldn’t have voted for him.